Always Available

We may have that one person or group of people we reach out to for casual or inspirational conversation. Those who have your best interest at heart and can offer wise and fruitful counsel without passing judgment. If you have a person/people in your life like this, then you are blessed! However, the same people may not always be available each time you hit a road bump and you’re in dire need of advice.

When this happens it’s easy to get frustrated or feel like there’s no one who can help you. But, there is God. Cliché right?! Shouldn’t we go to Him for refuge, guidance, and counsel? I mean He is ALL knowing and an ever-present (omniscient) help in the time of need. I think we get so caught up in receiving a microwave annointing from earthly people that we don’t take the time to sit, rest in His presence, making our requests known to Him, and waiting on a response. Waiting for God to answer our prayers or respond to our situation is probably the most wisest thing we should do, but most times we don’t. 

It took me a while to wrap my head around this because I didn’t want to WAIT on His provision for whatever the issue or matter was. I learned that it’s okay to wait especially when it’s being orchestrated and carefully prescribed by God. 

I communicate with Him more than I did 2 years ago because I know He is ALWAYS AVAILABLE, moreso than others that I prefer speaking to.. I talk to Him about small and big situations: what should I eat for lunch today?; help me decide if i should call him or her…Things like, “ me how to speak to Jane Doe with grace and love. Open my heart to receive his/her perspective…” When I open up to God in prayer, I know He’s listening. He wants you to share what’s on your heart too. So stop waiting for your friend or significant other to call you back, go to God and talk to Him- He longs to hear from you 😊. 

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