An Introvert Turned Socialite’s Brief to Coping

There’s really not that much of a difference between dealing and coping with challenges and hardships. “Dealing” refers to taking measures to handle the issue the best you can or fixing it the best way you know how. If you realize you cant do it on your own, then you may need to seek additional (professional) help. Finding ways to deal leads to “coping” or making a conscious effort to solve interpersonal problems etc to help with stress and conflict.

So why am I social?

Honestly, it helps me cope when I’m having moments of sadness, depressed, or anxious. I LOVE to laugh & knowing that I can be around others to make me laugh is a win-win for both parties. You get me in your presence and I get to laugh lol. Although hanging out with friends & family, and listening to music is my therapy, I still value my alone time and date nights with Jesus.

Back story on liking people 

I was a homebody, stay to myself, don’t talk to me type of person. I USED to strongly dislike people. Seriously if you weren’t “on my level” or like-minded, or anything as I then you could forget about the friend-ship. I’m sailing off no anchor needed…And I USED to be okay with that. Until life happened. I recognized the purpose of “life” and real life stressors uprooted and agitated my emotions.

From defending myself from “bullies” with no edges, then being a bully, to witnessing a close friend suffer and survive from cancer, encountering family member sickness & classmate tragedies, unhealthy interpersonal relationships. Sometimes happening all at once can be too difficult to deal and cope with…Like, I couldn’t just dismiss stuff like that and be “good” and unbothered.

Confirmation – God’s love story is filled with persons in relationship which I believe is His Way of being intentional about us starting and maintaining FRUITFUL relationships with others. I think He knew we would all suffer from something and He didn’t want us to never feel alone. He’s not oblivious to what we encounter and how it may make us feel.

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