Why Won't You God?

What are you waiting on? We, including myself can get so comfortable with thinking that God owes us something or should satisfy our every need based on what we deserve. Our perspective on God and what He can do for us tends to get skewed as we believe He is obligated to take us to the next dimension. Well Jesus, I’ve been faithful to you and waiting during my season of singleness, why haven’t you sent me my Boaz yet? I go to church and serve in the community, shouldn’t I have more rewards? Why won’t you give me that job I really want? Why do you question God when He has your life in the palms of His hands? God doesn’t owe you or me anything. He won’t take you to the next level until you consistently do the basics: communicate with Him daily (keep Him at the center of every aspect of your life), give your tithe/offering, get engaged in a small group, use your gifts to serve others, and sincerely trust in His provision. God has been waiting on you to take a leap of faith. And when you do, let Him order your steps! His will has already been revealed. You may see others moving “up” and accomplishing what “seems” to be more than you, but paying attention to what others are doing will trouble you and your faith. Your social media friends and followers are at different stages in life. He’s given us all a divine and unique purpose. Your focus needs to be on seeking Christ.

In regards to relationship(s), God needs to be at the center of every conversation, decision, “date night”, everything. Keep in mind that in certain seasons your partner may only be able to do what they can with what they have so it’s best that you’re able to “help meet” them where they are (considering this is the woman or man God assigned). We have to be patient with ourselves, others, and the process. The Lord will guide your relationship in the right direction. He’ll place on your heart when to make the next move-just have to listen to Him. Four things help me focus on the “now” and not where God can take me next:

1. Rest in His presence daily. Give Him thanks for everything. Cast all your cares, burdens, and worries on Him. Make sure your heart is in alignment with His word to ensure your deeds aren’t self-fulfilling or to boost your ego.

2. Identify or “tap into” your gifts, skills, and talents and brainstorm how you can utilize them to bring value to His kingdom.

3. Before you act, pray. Your family and friends don’t have all the answers.Wait for God’s answer. There are so many “good” things that we want to do, but God is probably not ready for us to take on the task, yet.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. He loves when we’re open & honest especially in prayer and with others we trust. Although he already knows what’s on your heart and mind, it allows you to be vulnerable and receptive to His provision.

Study Matthew 6: During this season, one of my biggest struggles has been to keep Him at the center and allowing Him to have full control over EVERY aspect of my life. I’ve been sleeping so much better since I’ve surrendered. I hope this blog post encourages you, too ❤.

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